Niccolo Marzichi Lenzi

Niccolo Lenzi

Niccolo Marzichi Lenzi

Owner of Tenuta di Biserno

Niccolo was born and raised in a typical Tuscan farm outside Florence immersed in wines and olive trees. Being the son of Ilaria Antinori, the eldest sister of Piero and Lodovico Antinori, it was natural that his destiny was going to be in the wine industry. In reality his true and immense passion for wine came years after.

The event came about by pure coincidence, during his adolescence years while living in France, where his mother had moved several years before. He discovered a bottle of 1982 Haut Brion in his mother’s cellar and without knowing anything about it or its value he sampled it with a pizza … it changed his life. Since that day he tried to gain as much experience as possible in every sector of the wine industry knowing that it was going to be a never-ending learning experience.

Soon after his 21st birthday he was able to fulfill one of his greatest dreams by teaming up with his uncles Piero and Lodovico to create Tenuta di Biserno. Consequently he helped to introduce the winery and its offerings in several markets. Since 2014 he is the managing director of Tenuta di Biserno where in addition to the day to day activity he personally supervise some key markets, including more recently, the USA.